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Hi!! My name is Kim

I am a wife and a mom of 2 incredible little boys. I am a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to becoming a mother. With that said, I feel like I was fairly mom-ish my whole life. Which is why creating this course was so natural for me.

The idea of creating an online course didn’t come to me in a dream or during one of those moments of clarity I often have in the shower. It came out of the pandemic. But as soon as I started - it became a movement. As I said, I’ve been mom-ish my whole life, and to me that means being a leader to serve and accomplish whatever mission is at hand. Whether it be my personal life with raising capable, joyful, and responsible children or in my professional life leading teams and accomplishing objectives. That is just what I do. So why not share that knowledge?

Kim StrugglesAfter 26 years in the workforce, I found myself being a stay-at-home mom with a new baby and I was also a caregiver to my mom who lived with us as she suffers from Alzheimer's. As if things were not crazy enough, I was also dealing with infertility. It took me 7 years to get pregnant with my 1st son and we were in the process of trying for a second baby. So becoming a single-income family came with its challenges. My husband has a good job and provides well for our family. But like anyone else that has struggled with infertility for several years, money tends to influence choices. Even so, we rolled the dice and began yet another round of treatments.

During this time I remembered an idea I had for a new product after my first son was born. So we decided that I would add ‘entrepreneur’ to my list of titles in the home. I invented, patented, and lined up manufacturers to produce a completely new, never-seen-before, product. I launched my website, social media, and was poised to start the supply chain and bring my invention to market. I was so proud of myself!! The big cherry on top,,,,,after 3 years of trying we just had our second son. Things could not be better. Aaaaand then came Covid-19.

What?!? All my manufacturers had to pivot and start manufacturing personal protective equipment instead of my new product. Don't get me wrong, I understood why but at the same time all I could do was shake my head in disbelief. My launch came to a halt. Then, over time when my manufacturers freed up, the cost of goods to make the product went through the roof,,,,not to mention the shipping and transportation issues that surfaced once things started opening back up again.

So, just like my manufacturing partners, I, myself, had to pivot. That was when it dawned on me. That is what I do. I pivot. I adapt. Every day. With every challenge. With every new project. With every new setback. Whether in the corporate environment or at home, I adapt. I always have. This translates to, I Take Care of Business. All day. Every day. So again, it was a very natural transition to turn my skill set into an online course to help others gain some traction in their lives.

I have repeatedly been asked,,,,,

  • How do you do everything? How do you work full-time, have a baby at home and be the primary caregiver to your mom?
  • How do you get all your normal work done and take on project after project?
  • How do you do all this and not get stressed out?

The answers to all of those questions,,,,,because I have the right skills and the right tools. It was then that idea #2,,,, which had been floating around my head for years,,,,started to form. I can teach other women how to conquer and adapt as I do but at the same time, be happy, not stressed out, and even energetic. So I started writing. And recording. And created a course exclusively for women. Women that need help adapting to life. Ones that have trouble with time management and productivity but more importantly, have trouble taking care of themselves and are not exhausted all the time. My new initiative was, very simply, to help women take care of themselves and their 'business', whatever that looks like.

That is just what I do. I Take Care of Business.

What is even better? Women are amazing!! We are fighters. We support our families. We encourage our friends and other women. We are sexy. We are so much fun!! We are brilliant (hello, women invented the dishwasher AND beer!!). However, we need to be equipped and set up for success. To take care of OUR business OUR way, like a girl. See how the movement easily formed in my head?!?

Welcome, to Taking Care of Business – Like a Girl.

P.S. My first idea #1,,,,otherwise known as The EdgeWedge®,,,,is getting a reboot!! If you are interested in keeping up with my invention and when it will be available, check us out on or our social media pages!! 🧡

Kim Success

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