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We Are Taking Care of Business

Your goals.
Your dreams.
Your growth.
Your life.


We know life should be fun, exciting, giving us all a sense of purpose and accomplishment. So why are so many women simply wiped out, just making it through each day, not satisfied.

That is where Taking Care of Business Like a Girl comes in!!

Come be ALL IN with us and #TCOBLAG!!

What We Stand For

Simple. Excellence. Heart.

Those are our values and what we use as guiding principles throughout all that we do.

Our Mission

I am on a mission to drastically improve the lives of women everywhere. Small, targeted, sustainable adjustments that will generate enormous returns. I am committed to helping women realize their capabilities and take on whatever challenges lie ahead. Permanently.

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Our Philanthropy

A portion of every purchase goes to a charity that is very close to my family. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago and is now in the final stages. It is the epitome of a cruel disease. Your purchase helps the Alzheimer’s Association provide research, care, and much-needed support.